Why does a business need original images?

It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this age of the web and digital content this is all the more true. One only has to look at the stratospheric rise in users of image based sites such as Pinterest (150 Million active users) and Instagram (over 500 million users) to realise that will live in an image intense world.

A recent MDG advertising infographic (right) gives some feel of just how important images are to business in terms of customer engagement.

So there is little doubt that images are indispensable so how do we make the most of them?

Often business will turn to stock photography sites. A wealth of high quality images can be made available at minimal cost, and it’s easy to search for words which can imply the concept of the message you want to convey. So why isn’t everyone using stock photography in their marketing?

It is difficult to overcome some of the issues with stock photography:

  • Stock photographs often lack the feeling of authenticity, people in scenes may just seem that little too overjoyed or wooden in their posture. Consumers are wise to this and will already be subconsciously identifying stock images.
  • Stock photographs are not unique to your business. Anyone with the budget can pay for the same image and use it. It’s an interesting exercise to look at a few business websites and do a reverse image lookup on google or Tineye. It can be shocking how widely a single image can be used. There have even been websites and Facebook pages to track overused stock photos and models. It could even be your competitors are using exactly the same photo. It pays to be original and genuine.

How can we work together?

In order to really make the most of images in your literature and marketing it helps if the content and style reflect the values and lifestyle the business wants to convey. People nowadays are more sophisticated in their choices, they don’t buy products or services, they are looking to make lifestyle choices or buy experiences. In order to distinguish yourself from the crowd you need to get this message across and do it with subtlety.

What will I do?

I aim to provide high quality, distinctive and creative images that reflect business, working closely with you to ensure that the images convey the message just as much as looking good. You know your own customers better than anyone, so it’s my job to listen, understand and deliver the image that fits the message. My skills lie in attention to detail and in my personal work I like to create an image that makes the viewer take a second look. I apply these skills in commercial imagery for the same reasons: images are all about engagement. See the about page for a little more about me.